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*** Some Videos ***

Latest Video: flight DG1000 from Etzel to Flums - formation with D-KYDS

Soaring along Churfirsten (from Amden to Walenstadt) April 2014
Instruction flight with Peter Bregg (ASK-21, Dec 2013)
flyby of B4 (Patrick H.) in tow by Remos G3, Aug 2012
Flyby of ASK21 (Patrick H and Felix K.) above Kerenzerberg, Aug 2012
halo around ASW19 - Mattstock, 11 Aug 2012
formation flight with my son in B4, 26 July 2012
Ronald's examination flight, 9 june 2012
3 hrs of 2 B4 flights B4, May 25th, played back 10x (18 mins watching time)
30 min of B4 flight (31 March 2012)
*** Some of my history ***

I got my glider pilots licence in the Netherlands in 1977

My last Dutch licence that expired 1989

Ronald in ASW-15 around mid 1970s (Welschap, Eindhoven)

Ronald in ASW-19, July 2012 in Mollis LSMF, Switzerland

I started flying at the EAC in Eindhoven when I was 14. When I moved to CH, soon there after I stopped gliding for several reasons. After I got the hanggliding-rigid wing licence for my Archaeopteryx (August 2011), I decided I also wanted my regular glider licence back, which I got on 9 June 2012, as a member of SG Glarnerland.

Took my father for a ride on April 15th 2013 in ASK21

solo flight on DG1000 on 8 June 2013

checkflight with our CFI on 4Jan14, above Mollis LSMF

Link to SG Glarnerland

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